Camino Books by Canadians

A showcase of books on the Camino written by Canadians.

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Hearing the Camino’s Call – Alysa Golden (editor)
Waybread – Laurie Dennett
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Who’s on the Camino? – Danielle Aird
Pardon My Camino – Julia Sargeaunt
I Will Find My Way – Colleen Davis
Toward Beauty: Reigniting a Creative Life on the Camino de Santiago – Dennis Garnhum
ľͼ – Brad Thomas Batten
Closer to Indigo – Maria Koropecky
Footfalls: Poems of the Camino – Suzanne Doerge
The Camino is not just for Walking: ľͼs, Hosts and Ghosts along the Way – Danielle Aird
A Hug for the Apostle – Laurie Dennett
A Journey of Days – Relearning Life’s Lessons on the Camino de Santiago – Guy Thatcher
A Journey of Days Continues – Mud, Mountains, and Mindfulness on the Camino de Saint-Jacques – Guy Thatcher
A ľͼs Journey: 3000 Kilometers from Rome to Santiago – Trip Kennedy
All the Good ľͼs – Robert Ward
Among the ľͼs – Journeys to Santiago de Compostela – Mary Victoria Wallis
Becoming Love – One man’s journey to meet his soul and have a great adventure on El Camino de Santiago. – Robert Stewart.
Bedbug – Bedbug’s Big Adventure – Ruth Welburn
Between the Stars and the Stones – Rejeanne Taylor
Camino – Peter Coffman
Camino de Santiago In 20 Days – Randall St. Germain
Camino de Santiago: Fingerprints of God – Paul Moylan
Camino Francés – a Practical Guide to Walking the ľͼ’s Path from France to Spain – Bryson Guptill
Confessions of a ľͼ – Sue Kenney
Each Step Is the Journey – The Call of the Camino – Patricia A. Klinck
Haiku Moments On the Camino – France to Finisterre – Harvey Jenkins.
My Camino – Sue Kenney
My Camino Walk – A Way to Healing – Timothy L. Phillips
My Own Damn Camino – True Tales From the Road – Evan Llewellyn
Peregrina: A Woman’s Journey on the Camino – Marilyn R. Melville
ľͼ Tips & Packing List Camino de Santiago – S. Yates with Daphne Hnatiuk
Shadows, Shells, and Spain – John Meyer
The Camino: A Walk Through Spain – Neville J Tencer
The Camino Letters – Julie Kirkpatrick
The Chocolate ľͼ – Marie Maccagno
The ľͼ’s Stone: One Woman’s Unpredictable and Authentic Journey – Heather Gauthier
The Reluctant ľͼ – Paul Huschilt
The Way is Made by Walking – A ľͼage Along the Camino de Santiago – Arthur Paul Boers
The Way of the Stars – Journeys on the Camino De Santiago – Robert C. Sibley
To Each Their Own Camino: One Woman’s Walk along Spain’s Camino de Santiago – Roxey Edwards and Jackie French
Trusting the Signs: Finding My Way Along The Camino de Santiago – Elizabeth Hale
Walk in a Relaxed Manner – Life Lessons from the Camino – Joyce Rupp
Walk Your Own Camino: Themes and Variations along the Camino de Santiago – Dianne Homan
We Are Never Alone: Healing Lessons from the Camino – Lesley D. Harman
What the Psychic Told the ľͼ – A Midlife Misadventure on Spain’s Camino de Santiago de Compostela – Jane Christmas
Nine Tenths Love – Cathie Gauthier
The Camino Club – Kevin Craig
The Camino de Santiago: One Wanderful Walk Shannon O’Gorman
The Way of the Gardener – Lyndon Penner
Trail Mix – Jules Torti

And other books of interest written by Canadians.

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Camino Close to ľͼ: How to Plan and Thrive on Local ľͼages​ – Rob Fennell
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Your book could be here!
A Sociology of ľͼage: Embodiment, Identity, Transformation – Lesley D. Harman
An Italian Odyssey: One Couple’s Culinary and Cultural ľͼage – Julie A. Burk and Neville J. Tencer
Petra’s Ghost – C.S. O’Cinneide
The Many Voices of ľͼage and Reconciliation – I.S. McIntosh
The Way of the 88 Temples: Journeys on the Shikoku ľͼage – Robert C. Sibley
Virgin Trails – A Secular ľͼage – Robert Ward
Walking Alone: A ľͼ’s Guide to the Inner Journey – Mony Dojeiji
Walking for Peace, An Inner Journey – Mony Dojeiji
Camino Maggie – Joy Thierry Llewellyn
Along the Way: ľͼage Scenes from the Camino Francés to Santiago de Compostela – Robert Lawrence France
Hiking the Spanish, Portuguese, and French Caminos – Phil Riggs

The Island Walk: A Guide to Walking the 700 km Camino de la Isla in Prince Edward Island, Canada Bryson Guptill

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